DUI Suspect Finally Caught Doing 131 MPH on Georgia Highway

DUI Suspect Finally Caught Doing 131 MPH on Georgia Highway
Picture of a DUI suspect who was caught doing 131 mph

If you’re pulled over by the police in Georgia, the best thing to do is pull over. Trying to outrun the cops or losing them in a high-speed chase is never going to end well. Just ask the DUI suspect who was caught doing 131 mph last week in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The name of the suspect has not been released. But his story has. This man was driving a Volvo down Georgia-400 in Alpharetta near Haynes Bridge Road earlier this month. When the DUI officer first noticed him, his car registered 131 mph on the radar gun. The officer put on his lights and proceeded to follow the Volvo down Georgia-400.

When the driver noticed the officer was behind him, he took off and proceeded to speed up – beyond the 131 mph he was already driving. After a short high-speed chase, the officers caught up to him. There’s no information about just how fast he was going when he finally crashed into a concrete median.

The 33-year old driver was attempting to exit at the McFarland Parkway exit when he crashed. The police promptly caught up to his crashed vehicle. The suspect was able to walk away from the crash but didn’t walk away from a slew of criminal charges.

He was charged with: DUI, open container; reckless driving; speeding’ and fleeing and eluding law enforcement. He is facing jail time and a ton of fines.

Dealing with a DUI charge is no laughing matter. You’re going to want an experienced DUI lawyer in Atlanta there to help. The consequences of DUI are just too high to handle yourself. If you’re charged with DUI, call and speak to one of our lawyers in Atlanta today.

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