Drunk Driver in Atlanta Crashes into Midtown Mart

Drunk Driver in Atlanta Crashes into Midtown Mart
Drunk Driver Crashes into Midtown Mart

Drunk driver in Atlanta crashes into Midtown Mart. Earlier this week in Atlanta, Georgia, a man working at a Chevron gas station noticed that a driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Jarvis Williams, a 27-year old man from Atlanta, was parked at the pump at a gas station on Spring and 10th Streets. The man working at the Chevron went over to the car and tried to wake the man up.

When the man woke up, he took his foot off the brake and the car started to roll. It actually rolled all the way into and through the windows of the Midtown Food Mart. There was glass all over the place and his car actually landed inside the store.

The employee called the cops and let them know what happened. The cops found the driver passed out in the car, clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They were just thankful that nobody, including Williams, had been injured in the crash.

Williams was arrested for DUI and reckless driving. He was booked into the Fulton County Jail and was still awaiting bond when this article was written.

Jarvis Williams was lucky that he hadn’t killed himself or anyone else in the accident. It’s bad enough to be charged with DUI and reckless driving. He’ll be facing some time in jail and maybe more depending on his criminal history. Had he injured anyone, he could be facing much more serious charges.

The owner of the gas station said that no real structural damage was done. However, he still reserves the right to sue Williams for damages.

Nobody should drink and drive. However, if you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, call our office to talk to our Atlanta DUI defense lawyer.

Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-news/breaking-alleged-dui-driver-slams-into-doors-midtown-food-mart/IXcbeErMIUroAoY9zafqdK/

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