Can You Represent Yourself in Your Atlanta DUI Case?

Can You Represent Yourself in Your Atlanta DUI Case?
Can You Represent Yourself in Your Atlanta DUI Case?

If you get arrested and charged with DUI in Atlanta, there’s no rule that says you need to retain a DUI lawyer in Georgia. You have every right to handle the case on your own. But anyone who’s ever done this knows that it can be the biggest mistake you ever make. If you handle your own DUI case, your chances of getting the charges reduced or dismissed will decrease.

It’s not that the law changes if you have a DUI lawyer in Atlanta, GA. It’s just that they know what it takes to handle this kind of case. They know who the prosecutors are. They’ve worked with them on dozens of cases just like yours. They usually know ahead of time if the prosecutor will be open to a plea bargain. They also know a lot about the judge who has been assigned to your case.

The other thing about DUI lawyers is that they understand how the legal system works. They know what to look for when it comes to the State’s evidence. They know the hallmarks of an illegal search and seizure. They also know what to look for in order to disprove the prosecutor’s case.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for DUI in Atlanta contact us immediately. Your odds of getting your charges reduced or dismissed will increase significantly if you have an expert handling your case.

The Prosecutor Intentions

From the moment the County Prosecutor picks up your DUI case, the wheels are set in motion. Your case is going to get lumped in with all the other DUI cases on the court’s docket. The prosecutor isn’t going to take your phone calls or answer emails. It’s not their job to help you. It’s their job to prove their case and to ultimately get you convicted of DUI.

It’s a different story if you have an attorney of your own. The lawyer will be able to talk to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will take your lawyer’s calls. They’ll also be more willing to discuss a fair plea deal if you have a lawyer. This may not seem fair, but it’s the truth.

Even on the day of your court hearing, things are handled differently if you have an attorney. People who don’t have a lawyer have to sit through the entire court docket before they even get to talk to the prosecutor. And usually, they don’t even talk to the actual prosecutor. They talk to a cop or someone working on behalf of the prosecutor. They’ll give you about three (3) minutes of their time to try to work out a deal.

If you have a lawyer, they get to meet with the prosecutor first. They’ll also get a chance to review the State’s evidence to see if there are any holes in their case. This isn’t something the prosecutor is going to be willing to do with a pro se defendant.

Will a DUI Lawyer Get You a Better Deal?

Another misconception people have about DUI lawyers is that they can “call in a favor” and get your case dismissed. In the real world, it just doesn’t work that way. Sure, this happens on tv and in the movies. Prosecutors would never risk their reputation by offering a DUI defendant a sweet deal. Also, no DUI attorney in Atlanta is going to risk their career by trying to do this.

What your lawyer can do is poke holes in the State’s case. They’ll look for illegal evidence. They’ll check to see if the field sobriety test was administered fairly. They’ll check to see if the breathalyzer test was working properly. This is how any competent DUI attorney in Atlanta challenges a DUI charge. They use their legal skills to break down the prosecutor’s case. They also use their negotiation skills to get you the best deal possible.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney in Atlanta Today

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you’re facing serious penalties. You could go to jail. You’ll have to pay fines, sometimes as high as $5,000. You’ll also lose your license for at least seven months.

The stakes are too high to handle this yourself. Call and speak with an experienced DUI lawyer at Howard & Arca today. They’ll do their best to get your charges reduced or dismissed. They’ll also stand beside you every step of the way.

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