Things that Can Affect Your DUI Penalties in Georgia

Things that Can Affect Your DUI Penalties in Georgia
Things that Can Affect Your DUI Penalties in Georgia

You can ask any attorney if they can get your DUI penalties dismissed and a lot of them will tell you yes. They’ll ask for a huge retainer and guarantee your acquittal. However, it doesn’t really work this way. First of all, no attorney can ever guarantee an outcome in court. Second, if there is evidence that you were impaired at the time of your arrest, you have a good chance of being convicted.

It’s important to know what things can impact whether or not you’re convicted. More importantly, you need to know what factors can impact your punishment. Two people can be convicted of the same crime and end up with different penalties. That’s the way the law works. There are mitigating factors. There are also enhancing factors. Your Atlanta DUI lawyer knows the difference. That’s why it’s so important that you retain one right away.

What you do before, during and after your DUI arrest can make or break your case. Read on to see what kinds of things can make your DUI penalties better or worse. Then call and meet with an experienced DUI lawyer in Atlanta so they can help you avoid the maximum penalties.

Your Age

One of the things that can affect your DUI penalty is your age. If you’re under 21, the courts are going to want to teach you a lesson. While they may not impose substantial fines or jail time, they will certainly suspend your license. They may also make it harder for you to get your license back without attending drug and alcohol classes. Finally, they may decide to force you to install an ignition interlock device.

What Type of License Do You Have?

If you have your CDL, expect to face greater penalties than people with a regular driver’s license. The court doesn’t look favorably upon people who drive for a living and aren’t safe. Not only can you lose your personal driver’s license, but, if you’re arrested for a DUI, you’ll also lose your CDL. This can cause you to lose your job. And, if it’s not your first DUI, you may lose your CDL forever.

What was Your BAC?

The higher your BAC reading, the worse your penalty. Some people have a few drinks and blow a .08. The courts need to punish them, but they understand that bad things happen to good people. A lapse in judgment could’ve caused them to have one too many drinks. If you blow a .12 or a number even higher, the judge will throw the book at you. It is a slap in the face to the law. You have to drink an awful lot to get this high of a BAC level. Don’t expect to get a break from a judge if your BAC is higher than normal.

What Were the Consequences of Your Actions?

One thing that will affect your punishment are the consequences of your actions. If you were pulled over without incident, the prosecutor may be willing to go lightly. However, if you get into an accident or someone is hurt or killed as a result of your DUI, expect the maximum penalties. The courts can’t allow someone who hurt other people to walk away unscathed.

Were There Minors in the Car?

One of the things that will cause your punishment to be the most severe is having children in the car. If you were driving drunk and had minors in the car, you won’t find a lot of sympathy from the legal system. When you risk the safety and lives of your children (or someone else’s children) you will face the consequences in court.

Is This Your First DUI?

If this isn’t your first DUI, don’t expect the judge to go easy on you. If you make one mistake and get a DUI, the court understands that it could have been a mistake. However, if you repeatedly take the law into your own hands, you can’t expect mercy. Your DUI lawyer in Atlanta will do everything they can to help you. But don’t expect them to work miracles.

Contact an Experienced DUI Lawyer in Atlanta Today

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you don’t have a lot of time before your first court hearing. There are certain things you need to do to protect your rights. That’s why you should call an experienced DUI lawyer in Atlanta to handle things for you. They know your rights. They also know how to protect them. Call Howard & Arca today and schedule your initial consultation.

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