Georgia Professional License Defense Attorneys

Georgia Professional License Defense Attorneys
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The great state of Georgia takes pride in hosting many licensed professionals. If everyone who had an outstanding debt or DUI were to lose their professional licenses, there wouldn’t be anyone left to work. If your license is in danger, get help from the Georgia professional license defense attorneys who know the laws and professional boards. We see practitioners every day to help them prepare to appear before their board.

Seek the help of an experienced professional license lawyer that will be with you through every hearing. You may need help putting together mitigating evidence and seeking alternative consequences than revocation of your license.

With the numerous licensing boards in Georgia, cases are always unique. Professional license cases often stem from allegations made by unhappy clients. Alternatively, disgruntled employees or coworkers are known for lodging allegations as well.

The issue for many working professionals is that they must defend themselves against claims from all angles. Allegations can spark an investigation; it can also lead to an immediate suspension of a license. That’s not fair to professionals, and it’s not easy to defend yourself when you’re worried about losing your career. It is made worse when facing a criminal charge, as then you will also need an Atlanta criminal defense attorney to make sure you don’t go to jail before you can even defend your license.

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At Howard & Arca, we know that it is vital for you to resolve this issue right away. Our offices handle a wide range of types of professional license defenses. In our experience, we’ve learned to listen avidly and look for different ways to approach the allegation.

An allegation is just that, a claim that there was wrongdoing. Often accusers have little or no proof and are acting out of anger or spite. There are other times when the accuser does not have a complete understanding of the situation.

A lawyer will work with you to review the facts behind the alleged issue and identify possible solutions. Your case is unique, but an experienced attorney should know how boards conduct investigations and resolve matters.

If your license is being reviewed, call us today. You will receive a risk-free case evaluation and expert advice on your case from our experienced professional license defense lawyers in Georgia.

Types of Professional License Cases We Handle

Regardless of the allegation, we handle cases across multiple professions. From nursing to accounting and everything that fit’s between. If you have a professional license, we will know how to help you build a strong defense for your case.

As part of our Georgia professional license defense attorneys plan, we will work with your board, and help you through the entire process. Preparing for hearing, and presentations, as well as formal interviews and even investigations with police.

Case preparation is a major part of defending your career. We know that you have put years of effort into your job. Many professionals have degrees or education that will not suit any other career options.

If you don’t choose to put the strongest defense possible against these allegations, you are in danger. You could not only lose your job, but all of your educational investment, and financial stability.

Professional licenses in Georgia include:

  • Chiropractic care professionals
  • Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Optometrists
  • Physical therapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Security Guards
  • Accountants
  • Veterinarians
  • Massage therapists
  • Realtors

The list here is not all-inclusive. If your professional license isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us with your case. Our range of experience handling cases has equipped us well to manage many more types of licensure.

We take on the cases where a professional needs help. Whether you are facing a false allegation or mishandled a fundamental aspect of your business, legal help is necessary.

Allegations against some professionals can haunt them throughout the rest of their careers. If you don’t take care of this issue with a strong defense, you could lose your career. Don’t let this happen to you, call the Georgia professional license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca.

Nursing License Defense

Nurses of all types need a professional license. Whether you are an assistant, nurse in training, LVN, LPN, or an RN, you have a license. In Georgia, two boards oversee the actions of nurses.

First, the Georgia Board of Nursing takes charge of investigations and licensure regarding registered nurses. They take claims of misconduct, neglect, and illegal activity very seriously.

Second is the Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses. They handle all other forms of licensed nurses. While they also take allegations seriously, their heating system is slightly different than the Georgia Board of Nursing.

With both boards, there is the opportunity to defend yourself. Often the allegations of a patient, witness, or coworker go through a thorough review. Your hearings will often include representative peers and an administrative official representing the board.

Nurses are all subject to face license suspension or revocation after an arrest. The idea here is that illegal activity could expose unwanted character traits, poor decision making, or other issues. If you are facing a license review, the help of an Atlanta nursing license defense attorney can make the difference in keeping or losing your license.

Many nurses go through a nursing license defense after a DUI or serious traffic violation. It is vital to show that this was a one-time incident. In more serious cases, you may need to provide alternative options such as in-treatment care or rehabilitation. An Atlanta DUI lawyer can help with all of these matters.

Nurse assisting a patient in a living assistance facility

Medical License Defense

Medical professionals have various boards representing different forms of doctors. For example, the Georgia Board of Podiatry monitors podiatrists. But, the Georgia Composite Medical Board will often take the reigns on all license defense issues.

As issues arise with your license, it is critical to know the source of the allegation. Doctors often deal with unhappy patients, coworkers, and disgruntled employers.

A doctor who was unable to help a patient fully recover after a serious accident may feel inclined to make inaccurate claims. Or they may make a claim not understanding the entire situation.

Allegations that lead to medical license defense vary widely. They can include allegations of sexual misconduct, mishandling patient records, or drug use.

All of these allegations can lead to the immediate suspension of your license. Most often, allegations, including drug use or dependency lead to probationary periods and rehabilitation requirements.

However, allegations of misconduct, illegal behavior, or mishandling patient records could lead to license revocation. An Atlanta medical license defense lawyer is your best chance to defend your license. With an attorney, you should be able to show your side of the events. How your charts were correct, or that the criminal activity case was found not guilty or closed.

Work with the Georgia professional license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca to get your life back on track, and get you back to work.

Pharmacist License Defense

Pharmacists are often under close watch, but that doesn’t dissuade people from making claims against them. There are claims that pharmacists improperly fill prescriptions, take drugs or even traffic drugs.

When you get anyone who works this closely with valuable materials and generally easy access, people become suspicious. Lawyers that work these cases often rely on hard evidence such as camera footage or inventory reports.

Working with an Atlanta pharmacy license defense lawyer by your side you can subpoena records that otherwise you might now have access to before a hearing. Additionally, you can prepare for a hearing with interviews with your attorney.

Going through various questions, and evidence before being in the hearing room can make a huge difference. Most boards will see a nervous professional in a hearing room. But, if you walk in calm, cool and collected you will have a much better chance of explaining your situation.

You need someone by your side that will not assume that you’re guilty of anything. Boards are quick to hand out punishments such as suspension and probationary periods. However, they are capable of revoking your license as well. Don’t let that happen; fight your license with strong Georgia professional license defense attorneys.

Accounting License Defense

Two accountants working together on a desk

The Georgia State Board of Accountancy is known for its slow-moving disciplinary board. They go through all relevant financial documents and evaluate each opportunity for error.

Sometimes this slow-moving process works out in favor of the defendant. The board may find in their investigation where there was an honest mistake. It won’t mean that you will walk away without consequences, but it will often mean a short probation period rather than losing your license altogether.

However, this slow-moving process can drive professionals crazy as they try to hang on to their life. If an accountant receives any criminal charge, they may face immediate license suspension. Or, they could be told of an investigation, and be allowed to continue working.

The board is not very consistent as it handles cases individually and with extreme attention to detail. Your best bet is to contact an Atlanta accountancy license defense lawyer as soon as you receive notice of an investigation.

The Georgia State Board of Accountancy will inform you of the investigation via mail. But you should expect a review anytime you have legal trouble. A complaint about your accounting work and claims of misconduct can also lead to investigations.

Contact Our Professional License Defense Lawyers

Not only do you deserve a fair chance at a hearing, but you also deserve a right to continue your livelihood. Except under extreme circumstances, allegations often show little facts against professionals. Additionally, medical practitioners and nurses face many allegations from people who did not understand the situation.

You are not alone in your fight to defend your livelihood. The State of Georgia has found again and again that people have a right to their livelihood and that removing that right to work is a last resort.

Get legal help from Howard & Arca so you can have a strong fight in your case. Dentists, psychologists, nurses, and accountants, all deserve to maintain their style of life. We know that you face many challenges day in and day out, but legal troubles are not commonplace for anyone but lawyers.

Complaints can bring on undue worry and have a very real impact on your work. Not only are you subject to your peers knowing about the claims, but also working under stress is difficult.

Unfortunately, patients and customers are only becoming more hungry when it comes to lawsuits. People are looking for much more than personal injury claims. Now they will go after someone’s career and financial stability.

Contact the lawyers of Howard and Arca for a consultation. Skilled and experienced Georgia professional license defense lawyers will review your case, situation, and explain the options available to you. They can explain what to expect from your governing board and whether this will come with other legal issues as well.

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