Atlanta Pharmacy License Defense Attorneys

Atlanta Pharmacy License Defense Attorneys

Have you received a notice of hearing or suspension from the Georgia Board of Pharmacy? You are probably worried, unsure what to believe, especially if you did nothing wrong. Since it is your career at stake, you should put yourself together and prepare a thorough defense. To ensure the best results, consider working with the experienced Atlanta pharmacy license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca.

The mission of the Board of Pharmacy is to protect the public. To do that, they will sometimes rush their decisions and over-reach on disciplinary measures. Besides, your license is not a guaranteed right. The  Board can revoke it or suspend it if they have reason to believe that you no longer deserve it.

Obtaining that license took you years of study and long hours of practice. It took sacrifices that could easily become in vain. Why risk everything you have worked for? It makes more sense to defend your license by dismantling any accusations or suspicions against you.

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At Howard & Arca, we have made it our mission to help professionals like you defend their license and reputation. Our Georgia professional license defense attorneys are familiar with the Board’s rules and procedures. They know exactly how to convince the Board to drop any investigations and allow our clients to do their job.

The first step in every case is to identify the Board’s reasons to consider a license suspension or revocation. Calling Howard & Arca as soon as you are aware of the review is the best way to mount a successful defense. We are available 24/7 and have years of experience fighting on behalf of professionals in Georgia.

Pharmacy License Suspension or Revocation Grounds

The Georgia Board of Pharmacy issues, renews, suspends, revokes, and restricts licenses. They can also impose fines on their licensees. Such measures are usually taken based on one or more of the following grounds:

Engagement in Unprofessional, Unethical, Immoral, or Deceptive Conduct

This ground refers especially to instances where, through their actions, the licensee is considered a risk to the public interest. Perhaps they acted or omitted something that suggests bad character. They may have also departed from or failed to comply with reasonable standards.

Conviction of a Felony, Drug Offense or Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

Individuals who do not comply with the law can be considered a risk to public safety. This may be true even if the crime had nothing to do with your job or happened while you were acting as a civilian. Often, the license will be suspended upon charges being filed and will not be reinstated until the case is completed.

Misleading, Deceptive, Fraudulent, or False Representations in Pharmacy Practice

This ground applies to pharmacists who lie or misrepresent themselves in their license application or renewal forms. It can also cover lying to patients, co-workers, or other pharmacists.

Engagement In or Aid to an Individual Practicing Pharmacy Without a License

This happens if a licensed pharmacist does business with, or aids, an individual who is practicing pharmacy but does not hold the appropriate license. False use of titles like “pharmacy”, “pharmacist”, or “pharmacy intern” falls under this category as well.

Failure to Pay Due Costs Assigned Following a Disciplinary Hearing

Pharmacists facing a disciplinary hearing can be required to cover the related costs. Failure to do so could cost them their license. In some cases, legal representation ends up being cheaper than extended hearings and investigations.

Unfitness or Incompetence to Practice Pharmacy

This ground refers to an addiction to, or the abuse of, alcohol, narcotics, addictive drugs and stimulants. It also covers abnormal physical or mental conditions that could endanger public safety. Finally, if they have reason to believe you do not have the correct skills or are simply not mentally sound enough, they can indefinitely suspend your license.

Violation of the Board’s Rules and Regulations

This one is more self-explanatory, as violating the rules and regulations of any employment will often lead to the employee being terminated.

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While these are the main causes for a licensing review to be started, it is in no way a comprehensive list. Due to the impact on public safety entrusted with pharmacists, any actions which betray that trust or endanger the public can be grounds for having your license suspended or revoked. If your license was suspended, revoked, or denied in another state and it was not disclosed on your initial application, when the Board finds out about it they will likely immediately revoke the current license. Below is a brief list of items that would fall into this scope:

  • Promotion of prescription drugs to the public.
  • Unjustified sale, distribution, or delivery by mail or courier of prescription drugs – The law does allow a few exceptions, for patients with rare or terminal diseases, patient consent, etc.
  • Dispense of other drugs or brands of drugs than the ones prescribed or ordered – Cases that have the patient or the prescribing doctor’s consent are ruled out.
  • Intentional violations of specific statutes, laws, rules, or regulations.
  • Failure to keep complete and accurate records of controlled substances – This stipulation especially refers to pharmacists-in-charge.
  • Failure Pay to Child Support
  • Failure to Repay Debts

If the Board decides that your case falls under one of these grounds, you risk losing your license. The good news is that, in most cases, you will have the right to defend yourself. It goes without saying that you should do that with the help of the best Atlanta pharmacy license defense attorneys.

Contact Our Atlanta Pharmacy License Defense Attorneys

The notice you received from the Board means that they are investigating you. You have the right to at least one hearing to defend yourself. Of course, you need to follow procedures in order to obtain that right. At Howard & Arca, we know these procedures by heart.

We also know that defending your interests in front of the board takes evidence. Board hearings for license suspension or revocation are close to court trials, but the commission investigating your activity only has to create suspicions, to raise doubts. The Board does not need compelling evidence from them. However, you need to prove your innocence and fitness for the profession beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you fail, the consequences could be devastating. You would probably end up unemployed and in debt. No one will want to hire you due to the stain on your records. Starting over and specializing in another field will take time.

Let us help! Call Howard & Arca and our Georgia professional license defense lawyers will find out what evidence the Board has against you. They will find ways to dismantle that evidence. With our help, you will be able to provide peer reviews and proof of your impeccable personal and professional behavior.

All you have to do is contact our office and schedule a consultation with one of our Atlanta pharmacy license defense attorneys. They will review your case, answer your questions, and help you find and implement the best license defense strategy.

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