Atlanta Nursing License Defense Attorneys

Atlanta Nursing License Defense Attorneys

For a variety of reasons, you may find that your nursing license is at risk. It’s possible that the entire situation is a mistake or a simple misunderstanding. However, even if you feel you are incorrectly going under review, there are still serious consequences that require the help of one of the Atlanta nursing license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca.

A Georgia professional license defense attorney can truly prepare you for the process. Whether you have to defend your license because of criminal allegations, or claims of misconduct, you need help.

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A license defense attorney should not only be fully aware of how to handle the Georgia Board of Nursing, but they should also understand the hearing process, and how the claims will impact you directly. On top of administrative hearings, and dealing with the criminal court, you could lose your career. Nurses put a substantial amount of time and effort into their education and training. The license application process is long. The educational requirements are demanding.

Unfortunately, your entire career could slip through your hands for something as common as a DUI. In Georgia, there are nearly endless reasons for bringing a nursing license under review. Your license may have had an initial suspension as part of the review. Or, the board may be allowing you to continue work, for now.

Regardless of the outcome, you can count on this review process impacting your career. You need a strong defense to set the record straight and protect your nursing license. Get legal guidance to prepare you for hearings and investigate the issue at hand.

A lawyer can help you learn more about where the allegation against you came from, and how it developed. They should work with you to identify a realistic timeline and results of your hearings. If you are facing a nursing license review, call the attorneys at Howard & Arca for a risk-free case review and expert representation to defend your livelihood.

Reasons for License Review

Nurses are under strict scrutiny from their employers, patients, coworkers, and even the general public. Essentially, if a person sees you doing anything that they believe qualifies as misconduct, they can report it. A passerby, or visitor in a hospital, could see you move papers from one file to another and suspect you of tampering with patient records.

It is not a fair system. Typically the people making these allegations have to offer little proof other than a formal statement of what they believe they witnessed.

The reasons for a license review can include:

  • Criminal charges
  • Driving under the influence
  • General misconduct
  • Mishandling patient records
  • Drug abuse
  • Sexual misconduct

This list does not include every possibility, but these are the most common reasons for an investigation. Because nurses have access to a variety of expensive and highly-addictive substances, substance abuse is not tolerable.

Additionally, nurses with a criminal past will have to fight avidly to show why they should keep their licenses. Other issues such as neglect or misconduct, go through a case-by-case determination. There is never a “standard” solution to resolving a claim of misconduct.

Hearing Process with the Georgia Board of Nursing

The hearing process has a very strict structure. The Georgia Board of Nursing first receives a complaint or notice of criminal charges. The board takes charge of all complaints on Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Advances Practice Registered Nurses.

After receiving a complaint about a nurse, the board will review the complaint about validity. The question they ask wasn’t whether it was likely to have happened. They ask whether the complaint was plausible. For example, is it reasonable that you were acting indecently?

Then they will begin an investigation. At this time, you will receive notice of an investigation through the mail. They will continue their investigation with the help of their primary investigators and legal consultants.

When the investigation is complete, they will submit a disciplinary recommendation for review to the board. You will receive notice of your hearing, and the board will make a decision.

Atlanta nursing license review hearing

A case could have any of the following results:

  • Close with no action
  • Close with a formal record of the complaint
  • Close with a mitigating letter
  • Close with a fine
  • Close with disciplinary action such as license suspension
  • Close with revocation

The hearing process closes off much of your involvement in defense of your license. Often nurses have no idea of what the investigation found. They are rarely given a chance to defend their actions or their reputation.

Typically, a hearing will happen in a large room where the defendant sits one versus a team of lawyers, administrators, and nurses. Ultimately, and the Administrative Law Judge will preside over the investigation and make the final decision.

How Can a Nursing License Defense Attorney Help Me?

The law office of Howard and Arca offers relief and guidance to any nurse facing uncertainty about their license. Regardless of why your license is under investigation, you deserve to be represented by the best Atlanta nursing license defense attorneys.

A strong nursing license defense lawyer may be your only chance to know what is happening with your case. A lawyer can offer guidance when it comes to preparing for an administrative hearing. They will work with you so that you fully understand the scope and findings of the investigation.

Additionally, they can work with you through an appeals process if it’s necessary. As the board contains nurse practitioners, some of these people should understand your situation. Something unrelated to your job, such as a DUI, may cause you to lose your license. Or a false claim could ruin your livelihood. As people become interested in taking legal action, even when it’s unnecessary, you can expect to have some claims against you. There are many times when a nurse has to defend their license because someone did not understand what they saw.

Contact the Nursing License Defense Lawyers at Howard and Arca for a Consultation

Don’t let a misunderstanding or simple mistake derail your future. Defend your educational investment and career. Contact Howard & Arca to have a legal professional take an active role in defending your nursing license.

After meeting with an attorney, you will have a deeper knowledge of your case. You should have realistic expectations of the results of the investigation. But, you should also have hope that your lawyer will seek out opportunities for appeals and create a strong defense.

Call the Atlanta nursing license defense attorneys at Howard and Arca now for a consultation. Get a professional on your side and stand up to an intimidating board. Don’t allow former nurses, and administrative officials to decide your future.

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