Atlanta Medical License Defense Attorneys

Atlanta Medical License Defense Attorneys
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The Georgia Composite Medical Board brings together a host of medical licenses under one governing body. As a regulatory body, the Georgia Composite Medical Board addresses complaints about nearly any licensed professional within the medical community. When you are facing the board for a license review, it is crucial to have the help of the Atlanta medical license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca.

The Medical Board handles complaints against physicians, surgeons, psychologists, and more. Essentially the only medical career path that this board doesn’t govern is nursing. Nurses respond to a different board, while all others within the medical field fall to the Medical Board.

As part of the Medical Board procedures, they will conduct an investigation and hearing for any variety of reasons. There could be an established precedent for investigating or a simple claim of misconduct. Either way, you need a Georgia professional license defense lawyer to help you keep your license.

Doctors often complain that the medical board isn’t looking out for them. That’s very true. The Medical Board claims to work with the best interest of the general public in mind. For doctors, that means the people controlling their license, have little concern for their ability to practice.

All medical professionals will come across a disgruntled patient, coworker, or employer during their career. It’s not a matter of if someone will complain, it’s a matter of when.

Reaching out to a Georgia medical license defense attorney at Howard & Arca is your first step in a solid defense. Even allegations alone can end a career or ruin a reputation. When you first receive notice of an investigation, your career is at risk.

Not only can you lose your job, but many professionals have lost the foundation of their lives. In losing their job, and having an education that serves no other purpose, they cannot easily find replacement employment. They lose their financial stability, way of living, and in some cases, their family due to the stress of these cases. If you are facing allegations that put your license in jeopardy, call our office today for a risk-free consultation with an expert attorney.

Reasons You May Need Licensure Defense

Among the many reasons for licensure defense, most medical licenses go under review for claims of substance abuse. Because doctors and other medical professionals have access to addictive substances regularly, abuse is not tolerable.

In addition to substance abuse claims, allegations of criminal or civil crimes can lead to an investigation. Many doctors see this as a double-hit.  First, they will need an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer to face a criminal or civil court to address allegations. Then, they must defend themselves again to the medical board.

Reasons for licensure defense can include:

  • Misconduct or lack of professionalism
  • Unethical prescribing of substances
  • Improper administration of medication
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Complaints of improper care or negligence

These causes are the reason for most license defense cases. The Atlanta medical license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca will analyze the causation of your case and start breaking apart the claims.

Allegations of sexual misconduct are rampant right now, but rarely do they have any truth to them. Additionally, improper administration of medication could be subjective as patients usually lack knowledge of medicine.

Medical license defense lawyers often work with experts and doctors to identify what drove you to take the actions you did. They also work together to identify the motive of the claimant.

Doctors during a license review

Facing the Medical Board

Facing the Georgia Composite Medical Board is intimidating. Often a medical professional will sit alone, facing a table full of peers, administrators, and a judge. That can make anyone nervous. Don’t face this board alone.

Go in with a lawyer standing next to you and understand the possible resolutions. Often these cases will close with administrative penalties or close without any consequence at all. For example, in allegations of substance abuse or a DUI, the defendant may have to participate in rehabilitation.

As an alternative to losing your license, rehab, or regular review of drug use seems like an easy resolution.

In other cases, administrative disciplinary action can include fines, probation, or suspension. Regarding suspension, there is usually a short time frame. Fines, however, can be substantially and damaging to anyone’s financial situation.

Probation is probably the most common disciplinary action taken against a medical professional. Usually, they will continue to work through the investigation and given the evidence probation may be as short as a few months. Sometimes probation may last for years or come with contingencies.

These are very real consequences to keep in mind when appearing before the Medical Board. Of course, the goal is to have the case closed with no ramifications. That’s not an unrealistic goal either.

The Medical Board often closes cases after a hearing without any action taken against the license holder. In these situations, there may not even be a formal record of the investigation.

What you need from a lawyer in any of these situations is advice and support. For example, if you are facing claims of neglect, a lawyer may advise you take a sabbatical or work in a more administrative capacity. On the same note, a lawyer may advise against that aiming to show your confidence in practice.

Each case is unique, and you should always discuss your situation with a lawyer as soon as you receive notice of a complaint.

Contact the Medical License Defense Lawyers at Howard and Arca for a Free Consultation

Don’t allow an investigation to ruin your life. Get a lawyer involved now so you can have knowledge of what to expect and how to prepare. There are many ways to handle these situations, and sitting by waiting for an answer will never end well.

A lawyer should take a hands-on approach to your case. Working to identify the source of the allegation and the cause of the investigation. Did your investigation come from a DUI? Did a coworker suspect you were abusing drugs?

Suspicions and common charges such as a DUI should not mean that you can’t practice anymore. An Atlanta DUI attorney can show you the extent of the investigation as well and discuss possible resolutions.

Finally, the Atlanta medical license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca should be with you through every step. At the hearing, your lawyer should take charge to address certain aspects of the investigation. Was the claim warranted and dedicating if the investigation was fair?

Although your hearing will have a panel of professionals, ultimately, an Administrative Law Judge will rule on your case. A lawyer is the best resource to have when dealing with an Administrative Law Judge. Rather than arguing your side as a medical professional on the defense, contact a lawyer to take charge of your case.

Call now to start discussing your case with a medical license defense lawyer. The Howard and Arca law offices offer consultation to anyone needing help with their medical license. We understand that your license is your career, livelihood, and financial stability. Protect it.

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