Atlanta Accountancy License Defense Attorneys

Atlanta Accountancy License Defense Attorneys
This image shows an accountant working with a client. Atlanta accountancy license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca defend against license revocation

Is the licensing board investigating your activity and you are worried that you may lose your license? Board investigations are not the end of the world, as long as you take them seriously. To ensure a favorable outcome, you should consult the Atlanta Accountancy license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca.

When you get down to it, your career is at stake. Perhaps you have a family depending on you financially. Even if they do not, all those years of study and all that effort to learn the necessary skills and take care of clients should count for something. Obtaining your accounting license was not easy and our Georgia professional license defense lawyers believe it is your right to defend it.

At Howard & Arca, we treasure your work and professionalism. We also know how important reputation is in your line of business. Losing your license as a certified public accountant could make it difficult to get another job in the field. It would compromise your reputation and credibility.

If you let us, we want to make sure that does not happen. Our Georgia accounting license defense lawyers can help you identify the cause of the board investigation. They can handle all procedures, help prove your professionalism, and assist you during the hearing.

We are familiar with how the Georgia Board of Accountancy Works, and we can ensure a favorable verdict. Just keep in mind that time is not on your side. Once you have received the notice, you need to act fast. You have to reply to it in order to reserve your right to defend your license. Call the offices of Howard & Arca today to get an experienced attorney in your corner.

CPA License Defense Timeline & Specifics

The Notice

When the Georgia State Board of Accountancy receives a complaint against you, they start an investigation. They will send you a notice on the subject, hopefully explaining their reasons. If not, the first thing you or your accounting license defense lawyer have to do is identify the reasons.

Common reasons why the Board would consider suspending or revocating a license include:

  • Unethical or fraudulent professional conduct
  • Convictions for crime or felony
  • Violation of state or federal laws
  • Physical or mental incapacity
  • License obtained by fraud or deceit
  • Failure to pay licensure fees or other activity-related costs as due
  • Misrepresentation in front of the board or in front of clients
  • Late or fraudulent filing of taxes
  • Violations of the Board’s rules and regulations, etc.

It is important to note that sometimes, the reasons have nothing to do with the licensee’s professional conduct. The Board may consider disciplinary measures for traffic law violations or failure to pay child support. Even defaulting on a loan repayment could justify an investigation. If you are facing a criminal charge, obtaining an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney will only help your cause.

If you want to defend your license, you need to respond to the Board’s notice. If you do not, the Board will assume that the accusations against you are grounded. They will proceed with their disciplinary actions against you.

Response to the Board’s Notice

The response to the Board’s notice is the first step in defending professional licenses. Some neglect it and write a brief, shallow responses. In our experience, licensees who submit thoughtful, well-structured answers obtain better results.

Your answer needs to refer to the board’s motives. It needs to state your innocence or your motivations. It also needs to express your decision to defend your license and explain how you plan on doing that. This will show the Board that you take your profession and your reputation as a licensed CPA seriously.

A Howard & Arca CPA license defense lawyer can help you prepare the response. We have done it for numerous clients, and we know exactly what the Board expects. We can also serve the answers to the parties involved.

Accountant and client shaking hands after a meeting

Board Investigation

Upon receiving your answer, the Board will begin the investigation. It is very important to cooperate with their representatives. However, as you do it, you should also keep an eye on their actions, findings, and conclusions.

They could misinterpret things, find mistakes that were not there, or reach erroneous conclusions. By following their investigation, you can find clues to organize your defense. It is important to dismantle any accusations and evidence against you. You have to prove your professionalism and license-worthiness beyond a reasonable doubt.

Howard & Arca professional license defense attorneys have done that in numerous cases. We are well-versed at gathering and organizing evidence. With the Atlanta accountancy license defense attorneys at Howard & Arca on your side, the Board will have no option but drop charges and allow you to keep your license. But, in order for that to happen, you will need to go through the hearing process.

Hearing Before the Board

Similar to a court trial, the hearing is very important. Everything you say can and will be used against you. Many accountants answer freely and confirm accusations against them without realizing it. Others fail to take advantage of this last chance of defending their license.

Even if you are guilty of the charges brought against you, we may be able to help. In accounting, as in other professions, things are not always black or white. We may be able to prove your actions were forced by a third party or you were not aware of their implications. Instead of losing your license, you could get away with a temporary suspension, a fine, or a probation period.

But, of course, we cannot help if you do not request our help.

Contact the Georgia Accountancy License Defense Attorneys at Howard & Arca Today!

Now you have a better idea of what to expect during Board investigations. You also know how to approach your defense. Every minute that goes by without you taking action works against you. Start building your defense, with our help, right now!

Call our office and schedule a consultation with one of Howard & Arca’s Atlanta Accountancy license defense attorneys! We will review your case and help you understand its implications. We will walk you through all procedures, assist you during investigations, and help you gather evidence.

With our help, the hearing in front of the Georgia State Board of Accountancy will be a mere formality. You will get to keep your CPA license and maintain your reputation intact. You will not have to worry about finding another job and another way to support yourself and your loved ones. But remember that, for that to happen, you need to act now. Contact us today to get the best professional license defense attorneys in Georgia on your side.

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