How to Avoid a DUI Arrest Over the Holidays

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest Over the Holidays
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The holidays should be an exciting time spent in the company of loved ones. Unfortunately, drinking and driving can bring all the merriment to an end. Every year around this time, large numbers of motorists head out onto the country’s roads and many of them are intoxicated.

Two to three times more people die in crashes involving alcohol during Christmas and New Year’s. This is according to the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Intoxicated drivers have a role to play in up to 40 percent of fatalities during the festive season. This represents an increase of 12 percent over the rest of December.

Given the likelihood that there will be more drunk drivers on the roads, police officers are out in their numbers. Whether you’re a regular drinker or a someone who only indulges during winter festivities, you could get caught. If you know you’ll be drinking at a party or another social event this season, you need to plan ahead. You need to do everything you can to avoid driving drunk. Not only will you prevent a criminal charge, but you’ll ensure your safety and that of other road users.

Here are some tips which you should keep in mind as Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach.

Don’t Try Any Tricks

Many drivers try to beat the Breathalyzer by eating or drinking certain foods. They may even drink a glass of water for each alcoholic drink they have. While this can make you feel less intoxicated, you may still be too impaired to drive safely. Using a portable breathalyzer to measure your sobriety is also not recommended. These devices vary in their accuracy and they can be a few percentage points off.

Besides, even if your blood alcohol concentration is under the legal limit of .08 percent, you can still be arrested. You just need to show signs of impairment. Instead of trying to get creative, simply avoid alcohol if you have to drive home after the event. Otherwise, you could find yourself needing a DUI defense lawyer in Atlanta when you should be spending time with your family.

Don’t Assume You Know How Your Body Will React

You may have heard that it takes an hour for one drink to be absorbed and eliminated by the body. While this may be true for some people, there’s no guarantee it will work for you. Several factors affect the metabolic process including body weight, gender, and the amount of food and water you’ve consumed. Many drivers have followed the one drink per hour rule and still faced DUI charges.

Call a Cab If You Become Intoxicated

Many people believe they can drive a short distance even if they are feeling the effects of alcohol. However, being even less than a mile away from home is no guarantee. If you’ve been drinking, call a cab or get a ride home with a friend. When you think about it, the cab fare and inconvenience will cost you a lot less than a DUI.

Choose A Responsible Designated Driver

Arranging for a driver ahead of time is even better. Just make sure you chose someone who won’t end up drinking. Make sure the person understands that they need to be completely sober.

Book a Hotel Room or Crash with a Friend

If you’re attending a holiday event and you know you’re going to drink, book your accommodation ahead of time. Staying with a friend or booking a hotel will give you the peace of mind you need. You won’t have to worry about making your way home or traveling a long distance at the end of the night.

Even if you’re usually a responsible person, alcohol consumption can change everything. With the various stresses of the holiday season and the increased number of events, you may drink more than normal. Having a clear plan for each event will help you to avoid a DUI. Whether you decide to stay sober or you arrange transportation or accomodation, you can save yourself lots of trouble. DUIs result in jail time, job loss, fines, and other issues.

Contact a DUI Defense Lawyer in Atlanta at Howard & Arca If You Need Help

If for some reason you end up facing drunk driving charges, exercise your right to remain silent and call us. We will look into your case and explain your options to you. You should never try to handle a DUI without help from a Georgia DUI law firm. Schedule a consultation today!

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